Saturday, October 23, 2010


At school, every homeroom talk is about leadership, and how everyone needs to be a ‘leader’. I can feel my blood temperature rise as I listen to the utter nonsense that comes out of the lecturer’s mouth. So what if I’m not a leader? What if I don’t want to be? What if my only goal in school is to finish and get the hell out of there as fast as I can? What do you call people like me…Followers? I disagree; in school I wouldn’t call myself a follower. I don’t wear designer brands or wear makeup and to be completely honest, I think the best way to describe me at school is that I am a rock – no one really talks to me and I don’t talk to anyone else-. I’m not picked on though…anymore which is a good thing. I don’t understand what’s so good about a leader. Have you seen politicians? They are leaders and I wouldn’t aspire to any of them. What about Stalin and Hitler? I don’t think being a leader is exactly a desirable trait. I know at school they want us to all aspire to being school captains and representing the school and all that jazz, but the fact that people like me who don’t care have to go to all these extra lectures I think is a little unfair. Both Aristotle and Cicero believed that no one could be a good leader who had not first learned to obey. This phrase bests describes political parties, where to climb the greasy pole of ambition, one must loyally observe the party line. If I were to apply that logic to my school; we are just going to have a long chain of people who are EXACTLY the same. Why don’t school dare to push the moral and social boundaries of today? I’m not looking forward to my senior year. – In a sense I am, I will be closer to leaving – but at the same time it’s going to be like any other year, except I’ll have added responsibilities like standing on gate duty writing down people’s names who don’t have hats…oh what fun

I don’t want this blog to sound like I’m just complaining…which I am so I’ll try to brighten it up with a happier note. Harry Potter’s coming out soon :) ……actually that’s probably a sad note as it’s the last movie…ever.

Well this has been a sad and – less productive then I would have liked kind of post.

I don’t think anyone is actually reading my posts but the biggest thanks goes to you if you are.

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  1. I agree with you, everyone needs someone to lead but... hm, i don't know how explain

    Well, i love Harry Potter's movies too, and i'm sad because its the last coming.