Thursday, November 25, 2010


I’ve been thinking of writing this post for some time now,

I was a Christian, I also thought myself as an Alterist for some time (Taking parts of different religions and making my own). Up until the age of a14 I thought Alterism was true and real – this is before I read anything by Ayn Rand –. I used to think the ethics of Christianity were right, true and good, and that Mysticism and Alterism were a corruption. So I came up with the idea to throw away all the Gods in the sky, every society comes up with its own God so how does one choose. But I thought we should save Alterism and all the ethics of self sacrifice of “love thy neighbour”, and that pride and egoism are evil. Then I thought about the cardinal values in Christianity that were convincing to me – before I found objectivism – and I looked through psalms, some of the things I found attractive about the Christian ethics, one main thing was that you shouldn’t gain your sense of worth from other people (not be influenced by other people) but that you should gain your sense of self worth from yourself.

The way that is explained in the bible – the way ‘Christ’ explains in his teachings – was, for example, that people would prey out on the streets, throwing money away and religion was a big showcase for society. “Be even like those why prey in their closet with the door closed” – from the bible. So don’t just prey in you house, but prey inside your closet…then it went on to say… “Your reward will be in heaven or the kingdom of heaven shall have your reward or whatever.

Now, that didn’t convince me, I was agnostic against a heaven and an afterlife but I was – and still am – convinced that people who go around, trying to impress others PREACHING, are WRONG. I don’t think they know what the purpose of life is.

Christianity looks ridiculous to me now. It’s asinine to say a person who gets their self worth from others is self-centred and proud. How can you be self-centred and proud if you’re focused on other people and what they think of you?

So I was ripe for objectivism, because I’d already realised what’s important in life is what’s true, and not what other people think, and what’s important for you to achieve you’re happiness, what’s important for you to live your life, for you to be right and feel good what you wake up each day, and knowing that what you do is morally right. It’s NOT what you convince other people of.

e.g. the right to go to church: The bible says, “Thou shall not dwell in temples made from hands” – as though you needed anything – the point of it was that if you really worshipped in God, then you can worship him by going out into the field preying, you don’t need temples made from hands. ‘God’ does not need a house to live in, he made everything. So why do we have churches? I thought that was contradictory. I thought that if religion was truly a connection from a person to a ‘God’. Then that’s all it needs to be. Then we wouldn’t have all the humdrum of going to church and bustling around with other people and being part of a social scene. If it’s a connection between you and God, that’s all it needs to be.

So I’ve rejected religion and Mysticism because I said wait a minute, there’s Zeus, Gods of Buddha, Viking Gods, every other God, God of the old testament and God of the new testament – so not even the bible can make up it’s mind – so I’ve thrown religion out. I was an Atheist (before I found objectivism).

I thought I was an Alterist Christian, then I discovered that not only is religion wrong, but Alterism is also wrong.

I think most people who become Atheists (not emo’s and Goths who just want everything to die, and also say it to piss people off). I’m talking about the people who are physically convinced of Atheism. I think those people are different from an earlier age – not sure how early –. I think they think about things differently and for a long time they make their decision that they are an Atheist. That’s how it was with me, even before being influenced by Ayn Rands books I had come to the conclusion that Religion was evil. So Christianity was out – the whole shebang – the God who brought it in, the Christ who died for it and the reasons for its existence are all nonsense, and that’s where I stand.

Atheism is logic, do you good to take a good dose of it. It is simply honesty, in the face of the facts of reality. I think some people end up believing in God because they are so scared of a world where nothing matters, that they are going to die and that’s the end of them. They want some eternal record of their soul. Believing in God is egotistical – egoism, good egotisticalism, not its egotistical to form a God, and to think your soul is that important. I have respect for my soul, and I don’t want to degrade it with unfounded, arbitrary beliefs and not to trick it into a false sense of security.

I think there are more important things than to fight religion, fighting religion is fine, fighting socialism needs to happen and fighting irrationality. (If you think socialism is dead look at Venus Whalen) They are just going to collapse, that’s true, but people are still doing this, still believing this. What lies in the future if we don’t change the trend. My own focus in thinking and ideas and philosophy is not so much on religion, exposing how ludicrous religion is, is fun. But at the end of the day it’s silly, it’s an old institution and you have to have total faith to believe it. I’d rather debate things with people that at least agrees there is not God.

I might be attacking religion in different ways. I just wanted to note that I’m against religion, but I think there are more important things to do. A lot of people identify with me because I’m an Atheist. The next minute they are against me for supporting capitalism or say we should trade with 3rd world countries or whatever. Atheists are a small group, something like 10% or something.


Don’t get offended, this is where I stand and I’m just putting it out there.

Thanks for reading :)


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  1. Hi, I'm Ashley and I made another comment on a different post a few minutes ago. I'm not hre to argue, but I'm a devout Christian and am very, very sorry that you feel that way about these things.
    Like I said, I'm not here to argue, and I think that saying 'I'm praying for you' would have a negative effect, but just please know that if you have any questions then I'd be willing to answer or discuss them in a civil way. :)