Thursday, November 25, 2010


A apologize for the religious posts lately, I don’t mean any harm by them or to offend people. I received some rather rude emails from yahoo answer people about my religious answer to one of the questions. But I refuse to sit here and be slammed by people who don’t know what their talking about. It infuriates me. I am entitled to an opinion and I will have that opinion. Also – another thing that has spurred my sudden anger about religion – the local church up the road is putting signs everywhere about Jesus, when I say everywhere; I mean every second street light pole, flyers in everyone’s letter-boxes. Enough is enough! If they had any respect for others beliefs they would keep the postings to a minimal. One here and there is fine but I reckon church has become the biggest social scene. It has stopped being about God, and having a communal relationship with God. It’s a big advertisement. Also, the pictures of Jesus in churches; he is always nice looking and WHITE. People who were around Jerusalem and everywhere Jesus was were BLACK. Jesus if he existed was black. (I head two elderly ladies talking on the train about racial names towards people, then they had the nerve to say that white people belong in churches because white is so pure and black is so tainted and whatever)

People make me sick they really do, not all people, just the majority of the population. It’s disgusting.

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  1. I read your posts on religion, and to say it is an interesting read. Certainly a staunch viewpoint. You keep saying your not offending people; here lies the problem, you will offend people. That is the greatest problem of free speech and opinion, it will offend some. As you would say, it is "asinine" to think you WOULDN'T offend people. From my understanding, you became disillusioned from Christianity for whatever reason. And it entirely depends on what you mean by "people make you sick", cus if it is ignorance you'd find it anywhere you go. Other than that am offend by even answering ;P (tongue in cheek). It depends on what type of people your meeting. If it is the wrong type, best advice avoid them.Other wise there are good people.

    P.S your gonna have to answer back via wordpress (click on my profile), cus I won't be notified if you do reply back from blogger.