Tuesday, November 9, 2010


My school is BIG on the idea of ‘spirit’. We suck at almost every sport there is (generally coming 8th out of 9 schools) and because of this, we try and make ourselves feel better by having a mentality that reads ‘yeah, well we lost, but we had way more spirit than you guys’.


This is just some dumb excuse the seniors of ’07 came up with so that people would continue to participate no matter how bad you suck. I admit, it works….that is, with the younger grades, don’t get me wrong I think having this ‘spirit’ is a good thing in sport, however, it doesn’t need to be known or said out loud. It’s like good sportsmanship – you shouldn’t have to be told not to run away and cry like a baby wen you lose, but to be fair and honest and just be pleased that you did your best. But again; NO ONE SAYS THESE THINGS, they are something you learn with experience.

Also we have had numerous ‘war cry practices’ in assembly. I love spending ten minutes of my lunch time yelling in a crowded room…not.

On a totally unrelated topic, I passed Modern History :) - I’m happy, Also we are starting a new unit on china (YAAAAAAY….or not) and we’ve been talking about Mao – with his little red book.

Now the nerd that I am already did some reading about Mao and China, the only problem was, I was pronouncing it M-AY-O (like mayonnaise). I found out recently that you say M-OW or MEOW. But there is one good thing that came from MAYO,

Yes this is how I spend my free time…don’t judge me

I’m going to end this with a note to my epic friend Claire TO GET SOME FORM OF INTERNET PAGE :)

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