Thursday, November 25, 2010

You Think You're Open-Minded?

Whenever I head the words “you should be open-minded”, they are often spoken by a person talking about God. I say something like “There’s no evidence of a God” and they say “You have to be open-minded” – like there might be evidence in the future or something.

I regard open-mindedness as not being the opposite of closed-mindedness. If closed minded is ignorant and they won’t listen to reason, does that mean open-mindedness will listen to reason? I don’t think so.

Here’s what I think,
If you are “open-minded”, that means that you accept assertions that are arbitrary without evidence. Open-minded people by the definitions (from people you hear on streets on internet or whatever) is someone who accepts things uncritically, does not think about them, does not reject them based on reason, evidence or reality. So open-minded that we accept anything – If someone says there are gremlins on the other side of the moon who make busses for a living – you have to be open minded about that. You can’t be closed minded; you can’t just ignore the possibilities. So if someone says there’s someone in the sky who created the world and everything in it. Are you going to be open-minded about that?

It’s a false Dichotomy to say either you’re open minded or closed-minded. The correct alternative is to go straight down the middle. You’re like the open-minded person; you accept things you aren’t sure of if there’s evidence for them. And, you’re like the closed-minded person because you have principals that you won’t question. Like for example the fact you exist, the fact that you’re conscious and the fact that things around you are what they are. You’re not going to question those things, you’re closed minded on that subject. Yet you’re open-minded about certain other subjects, if someone shows evidence.

Now, this is simply an objective attitude; an attitude of objectivity. Not open-minded, not closed-minded but objective.

This can be related to Pecov’s ‘D.I.M’ hypothesis. – I’m just going to look at the idea of God, but it can be related to heaps of different things.

Disintegrated mentality – the agnostics, someone could go to an agnostic person and say “I have evidence of God because I have found Noah’s Ark” – He’s going to say “oh okay, I’ll accept that as a possibility, However I don’t think it’s conclusive” Then the person’s going to come to him again, and tell him about the Gremlins on the far side of the moon, and he will say “Okay, I don’t have evidence against that, I’m going to be open-minded”. He doesn’t want to think, he’s not going to say it’s not possible, he doesn’t need evidence he has an open-mind – which is a scattered mentality in my opinion.

Misintegrated mentality – the Theists. They are going to say “There is a God; I know there’s a God because there’s a book called the bible. I prey to God every night and he answers my prayers.” They might tell a story about how they were out of petrol one time, and they preyed to God and suddenly the Petrol gage went right up. (An old lady told me this when I was in a church with my grand-parents one time, a long time ago). – I personally don’t believe it – so the Misintegrated person believes in a God, they know there’s a God, and they’ve seen evidence. They are going to ignore any sort of logic or reason that says you can’t have anyone be all powerful or all-knowing. They’re going to ignore the logical idea that God is an Anthropormorphisation of nature. Man saying nature can’t exist by itself; it has to exist by someone’s will-power. Because humans don’t understand anything, except for their own will-power. Will-power’s what makes everything move. That’s why the Indians had a spirit for every tree and rock and stone and every rainstorm and everything had its own volition because it wasn’t nature, it wasn’t natural for water to run down a hill. It was the spirit of the stream that wanted that water to run down hill. They project volition, they project thinking and desire and will power towards nature. When I do something, it’s because I choose to. So when nature does something, it’s because some spirit chooses to. Same with the earth and sun; so some spirit must have chosen to so there’s a God there. So they’re going to ignore evidence and logic, they have their principal and they’re done talking about it, they are misintegrated.

Integrated mentality – Atheists. “There is not a God”. There’s no wishy-washy rubbish, and allowing everyone to come to them about gremlins and Gods and what not. So they are not being arbitrary or ridiculous. Nor are they tying themselves to a principal that is not in reality. They accept evidence only in reality and accept it only if it is true. They accept logic and reason. They are atheists.

That is what Open-minded Vs Closed-minded is, a false dichotomy. Based on a total misunderstanding of thinking and the role on concepts and ideas etc.

So the next time someone tells you to be open-minded, you tell them you’re not open-minded. Because when you do, you’re brain usually falls out...

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