Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's funny how things change

Today was the last, first day of my school life. It’s funny when I think about it but, I used to wake up at least thirty minutes before I had to for the beginning of every term. Then that changed to the beginning of the school year. Now that’s changed to…well nothing. I felt nothing when I woke up this morning. That is, except for an overwhelming desire to switch the alarm off and go back to sleep.

It’s funny how things change like that. You don’t really know it until it happens. Take for instance when you were a kid. Christmas was the most important time of year. You would refuse to go to sleep before drifting off only to awake in the morning to excitement and presents. I know that’s not all what Christmas is about but when you were a kid that was the most of it.

Even when it was your birthday, when you were between the ages of eight and ten you would stay up until midnight to wish yourself happy birthday and then fall helplessly back to sleep. (Well maybe if you were a Happy Potter fan?)

Maybe when you walk past a playground, and watch all the kids having fun and the simple things like that mean to world to them. You think that all those kids are going to grow up some day and kiss someone for the first time. But for now just playing in the playground is enough, sometimes I think it would be great if just playing in the playground was always enough, but it isn’t.

My point is; the small pleasures we used to have that meant near nothing to us at the time are usually lost before we realise how important they were to us. I think we miss it, but we don’t realise we miss it until it’s too late and we look back and remember or watch young kids experience the same things that we did.

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