Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Sorry for not posting for ages, I’ve had school… don’t really care about my excuses but here’s a topic on feminism just to brighten the mood. I also apologise for the lack of grammar in this post as I’m currently late for Maths…but you don’t really care about that right now either. I might go back and edit later but for now, enjoy!

This is a touchy subject as people have so many different opinions about its existence and whether it still exists today. I study Modern History and we are learning the waves of feminism so I thought this would be a good time to explain where I stand and who knows. Maybe my opinion will change as the term progresses.

The only argument I’ve really heard against feminism from my classmates is that women do have equal rights and there really is egalitarianism in most of the world.

I disagree and I never thought I would lean towards the feminist side of things but I read ‘The Beauty Myth’ and Portia de Rossi’s new book “Unbearable Lightness”. The Beauty Myth didn’t really hit home with me because I argued against it. But after reading Portia’s book I then re-read The Beauty Myth and now….well I sort of lean towards it.

I think I’ve been anti-feminist purely because my school is so hard-core Feminist. All my English teachers (well maybe just one in particular) are feminists.

We are in the third wave of feminist. First there were the suffragettes (please read something about them, some went to the extent of killing themselves just to have their voice heard). While Feminism is not still at that point, I think it should be remembered. The second wave was in the 70s; when women wanted a little bit more, there was still unbalance and wages weren’t equal. The third wave is a bit touchy because in poorer countries and in some religions women in particular are still treated like shit and this needs to stop. For anyone who says it doesn’t exist today needs to open their eyes and look beyond the bubble in which they live.

The Media – yes in order to be female and successful in the media you need to be thin and beautiful. The extent to which this is achieved is disgusting and disgraceful. (I encourage people to read Portia’s book, you hear it first hand it is quite an emotional story. The book’s easy to read yet sophisticated enough to know she is a very deep intelligent person). She mentions The Beauty Myth which struck a chord in me because I had so many issues with it. I guess I thought I was above it because I really don’t care about the fashion industry or the movie industry or the music industry for that matter.

But I’ve come to the conclusion that even people who don’t care about the media and all the evil it generally brings are still affected. We need to battle against it and understand that not everyone is like us (the people who don’t really follow trends).

I do get annoyed though, when hard-core feminists preach that there is still no equal rights and they act like the world will end if nothing happens. People who try to throw themselves ahead; instead of just asking for equality. Maybe that’s why I was so against feminism. Things are changing now though.

As for the suffragettes – people who say ‘who cares!’, I think it should be forgiven but not forgotten. If that makes sense.


  1. I guess that I'm sort of in the middle with you in a way. Some of us have plenty of equality and rights but others have next to none at all, so acting like that isn't true isn't benifitting anyone there.
    I also think it's a little bit dramatic that some women act like it's the end of the world when we get treated DIFFERENTLY. Women aren't the same as men, but by saying that I don't mean that we're any lesser than them. We're just different, plain and simple. :)

  2. Yeah, I think just after working part-time and having equal pay I was a bit oblivious of the struggles in not only other countries but people who lived through the 70s and have lived through the battle. But as you said; we're all just different, and there's nothing wrong with that, nobody should be treated differently because of it.

  3. You're right this is a complicated issue. Many women have no equal treatment at all as you mentioned, while others try to push themselves ahead as if they were superior to men just because they're women. Then there's confused feminism where women think they're equal or free because of the sexual power they hold or use to get what they want, when in reality they're just turning themselves into an object. And there are always people at the extreme ends of arguments.

  4. I agree. There has to be a balance, if women keep pushing this "Womens' Rights" thing too far, many people are going to start taking it as a joke. No one will take it seriously, and then where would we be?