Saturday, December 3, 2011

Books and Nanowrimo

I’ve been thinking about just books in general today and In particular why my nano fizzled into nothing two weeks in. When I was writing all I wanted to do was point out the obvious and expose the novel from the very beginning. But no, I had to step around it with “show, don’t tell” in symbols and metaphors, all of which were hard to conjure up even with the aid of google. The truth is, writing is hard and tedious. Nano re-enforced that to me.

This got me thinking of why do I love the books I love, what makes them better than my 30 000 words? It’s because we watch someone else thump their heart on a page, all their emotions. We truly see THEM and because we see them, we see us. We see our heart on the page. We resonate with the characters and the plot; it seems to understand us even when we don’t quite understand ourselves.

My resolution: Well, I’m a very reserved person and starting this blog was a conflict of interest for me. But, I did it. Why? Because I have something to say, even if it’s on the smallest, back corner of the internet, it’s out there and YOU’RE reading it. That’s what my novel needed. I know Nano is over but I’m going to finish it. I want quality not quantity.

Anyway, because I’ve just finished high school I have a heap of time to spend with proper ideas and deeper thinking, which is really want to share with the world.

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