Friday, December 2, 2011

I'm sick of everything

I don't give a shit about people magazine
I don't give a shit about the omg, lmfao and rolf's
I don't give a shit about Justin Beiber's hair, new car, hair, face, hair and especially about his music
I don't give a shit about Kim Kardashian's fashion line, marrage and divorce or the square foot of her ass
I don't give a shit about the media spending millions of dollars building someone up then getting millions tearing them down again a few years later
I'm tired of strip malls, chain stores.
I'm sick of the concept of freedom of choice and how it's mutated into the choice between shopping at K-mart, Target and Myer.
I'm surposed to feel at home at this chain restaurant but I feel like a lab rat
I'm surposed to feel joy and excitement when I see a new movie poster but instead I feel exausted and depressed.
I don't give a shit about the latest Iphone and 9000 apps that come with it
I don't give a shit about the latest xbox or PS3
I don't give a shit about social networking sites where people post about what they had for dinner
I don't give a shit about x-factor
I don't give a shit about American Idol, I resent it, music shouldn't be about the popularity and the goal being to have millions of consumers like it, it should be an artform for people who actually have something to express for people who want to listen to it and appreciate it.

There's a reason someone invented the words: Alienate and Misanthrope.
 Maybe I was born either way too early or way too late, there seems to be a process you're surposed to go along with and I have no interest in going along with it. I'm so sick of everything.

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