Thursday, August 4, 2011

Who Likes The Getup Kids? :)

I’m not the kind of person who is so self-indulgent that they talk only of themselves and I find it very difficult to write a blog about myself and well…opening up to a word document.

I received strange looks of judgement and just weirdness today as I pulled out Hamlet on the morning bus and decided to knock over two more scenes to ponder for the remaining of the journey.

The remainder of the morning I spent in rage in my religion class. I honestly cannot wait to leave school. I can actually feel my blood flow rise as the teacher preaches that “I don’t like the study of philosophy because it puts people’s beliefs into categories”. Now, I’m quite a lover of philosophy and understanding different perspectives to try and gain further understanding of the human psyche so I don’t speak, I close my mouth and recited Shakespeare lines (anything to just get me thinking of something else). I don’t understand how she can say that….she categorises herself as a Christian and doesn’t stone people for blasphemy…so identifying herself with that religion but not accepting all of it makes her not a “true Christian” yet she identifies herself with it because MOST of the stuff Christianity preaches she believes…but I could go on forever so enough of that.

I had History at mid-day. It also makes me kind of mad because we are focusing on local history. I come from Brisbane, Australia. It used to be a small country town…there has been no uprisings, no revolutions, nothing remotely interesting has happened except the council’s massive arguments about which type of stone to build the city hall with. Sure, learning about local history is important…but they should make it a grade 8 or 9 topic. I’m in grade 12, in my opinion we should be learning about the whole Libya and Bahrain issue. That’s important and it’s happening right now. (Again my disgust with the self indulgence).

The rest of the day was pretty average, nothing exciting, I drove myself home and then proceeded to write this. One thing exciting that has happened is (well two things)

1) I’m seeing The Getup Kids concert tomorrow night
2) I pre-ordered “The Fault in our Stars” by John Green :)

I hope all you guys are doing well and I will write again tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


There is nothing so urgent as the desire for revenge, when real or perceived injury has been done to oneself or one’s community, there is nothing so sweet as the angry pleasure it gives once enacted. Connoisseurs of revenge might applaud Emile Gaboriau’s remark that ‘ revenge is a luscious fruit which we must leave to ripen’, but it is rare for revenge to be patient. We hurry to avenge whereas we are slow to pay gratitude to someone – and failing to achieve revenge is painful and often more mortifying and painful in ways that not discharging other debts rarely is.

Revenge is a primitive impulse to justice; it has an intention to restore balance but this usually makes it too harsh and punitive, therefore inviting further revenge. (Think of the Guelphs and the Ghiballines, the Montagues and the Capulets). Vengeance bred vengeance; that’s the nature of feuds. They quickly consume the parties in a downwards spiral of hatred and violence.

“It is sweet, to see your foe perish, and to pay justice everything he owes” – Euripides

That’s the crucial problem: society cannot function if individuals are left to seek redress on their own; justice cannot be a matter of privet enterprise. Recognition of this led to the creation of Laws and courts.

Nelson Mandela said – “No revenge is more honourable than the one not taken, there is nobility in forbearance”

Revenge is part of the festering hatreds and hurts which poison life. It takes magnanimity (meaning great soul) – to rise above revenge. It is always in short supply, but I think it’s the main ingredient in everything that makes life a better place , it’s the only antidote to the rage for revenge which, without fail, always makes things worse.

I’m studying Hamlet at the moment so maybe that’s why the topic is fresh in my mind. The only thin rotten in Denmark is Hamlet, and his piss poor attitude.