Sunday, March 4, 2012


I’m suddenly hit with inspiration after standing out on the deck, staring at the stars reflection on the water; silver pepper blanketing the surface. It makes me think of reality. Above the water there is a totally different reality to what lies beneath the canal. Evolution comes to mind. Every creature lurking beneath the surface only has one thing in mind: survival. While we as humans, have the prospect of working, incomes, relationships and our fight for wanting more. We have consumerism, religions and much more to enrich our lives. In reality we have it easy, we’re all lucky and free. Some people think fish have it easy. In reality, we have it easy. Survival isn’t our priority anymore. A big house, fancy car and love are what we crave. And we will stop at nothing and sulk in our own self-pity and depression before we get it (if we get it). Fish are happy if they see tomorrow. This idea spurned as I lay awake last night, listening to the sounds of fish jumping before it occurred to me that they aren’t jumping because they can or because they’re happy. They jump to get away of a bull shark or a stingray; desperate for survival. There is seldom beauty in that. Nothing, but for the cold reminder that they are living in constant fear. If anything, those sounds should remind us of how lucky and fortunate we are. Sure we have struggles that they will never have to face, bullying, hate speech, debt. But those things thrust upon us give us perspective. Perspective of how life’s not fair but it goes on. It goes on is what we take for granted most of the time. A small fish borne into an ocean of predators isn’t fair, but if it didn’t happen we wouldn’t have living oceans. The species couldn’t continue. We would continue, regardless of bullying or debt. That’s what we take for granted. I think I’m just continuing to write deliriously in the dark, counting numbered days I take for granted.


  1. Thank you for that.
    I've been thinking lately about the way I live versus the way I want to live. The biggest thing I've been struggling with is my fear that I will do nothing more than merely survive, and never truly live and create. (like I'll grow up to become this passive zombie or some such! It scares me!)
    You've pointed out that as a human, I've already got it pretty good, and as a human living in a stable, well-off familiy, getting a good education, I've got so much to be grateful for.

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