Sunday, March 25, 2012


I wonder if you sit and ponder as I do when I find myself too captivated by the world to speak. I wonder if in long car rides you rest your head upon window and gaze out and the trees passing by at 100kph. I wonder if you try and capture fragments of scenes before they’re gone. I wonder if the music you listen to evokes memories that you’ve tried to push away, evokes feelings you thought you’d forgotten, as it does for me. I wonder if you write out letters of things you’ve wanted to say only to re-read them and realize they make no sense at all anymore. I wonder if on silent nights you lay awake..the only company you’re willing to keep within your mind. Life is made up of nothing but memories. And it’s these memories that plague my thoughts and drown reality. It’s these memories I wish I could burn, like a photograph, to deny their existence entirely. It’s these memories…that I will so painstakingly cherish, for they are all that remains; a constant reminder of what once was.

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