Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Story Time

So today I went to got my eyes checked and a memory came to me that I felt I needed to blog about. When I was a kid (about 6 year old) I needed glasses. I'd needed them way before that but thought what I saw was what everyone else saw. When it was night time, i couldn't see stars because my vision was so bad. Every time I went outside or looked up at night, I could only ever make out the moon. I thought stars were only in books and authors would draw them because we know they were there, we just couldn't see them.

I remember coming home and being fascinated by the world. My complete existence changed. I could see fence lines clearly and read the board without squinting in school. But most importantly, that night, I looked up at the sky outside my window and saw for the first time, stars. I was amazed and began an obsession with the universe. Stars and other planets. I started reading encyclopedias and was in absolute ore of the world.

This is just  random memory that I felt I should share as I don't want to forget it