Saturday, September 13, 2014

Women's Soccer

I went to watch the Gold Coast Div 1 Women's Soccer Grand Final tonight amongst many other finals played throughout the day. Most of the Men's Finals were played early in the afternoon and the Women's Finals were in the evening.

I noticed something interesting throughout both.

When the Men did badly the crown would call them Girls and Pussy's.
When the Men were doing well it was: GO YOU GOOD THING and wooooo!!
When the Women did badly the crown would call them wusses and if someone went down needing medical attention it was: Oh Women!
When the Women did well people compared them to Men.

I'm not really a feminist activist by any means, but this night was so messed up. It didn't help that most of the crowd watched the Men play and dissipated when there were only Women's games left. Even though the standard of good football was equal between both.

I feel like a lot of the people around me were completely oblivious to these differences from the crowd between Men and Women's football.

I think that's kind of sad.